A Top Prospect Profile is an online platform to connect athletes with teams, scouts and coaches.


An athlete can create their own individual page, which they can use to share information such as highlight video, stats and more in order to promote themselves to teams around the world.

Gone are the days of emailing teams with game film and hoping to get a reply.

as an athlete, you must market yourself 

The common belief amongst goalies and parents is that scouts and coaches attend games looking for players to recruit. This belief is quite misguided.


Scouts do not often randomly attend games hoping to find a diamond in the rough. While it does happen, the chances are rare. Scouts already have their list of players to watch before they watch a single game. So how do you get on that list?


Getting recruited is very much like applying for a job - you must showcase yourself and apply.

why a top prospect profile?

As scouts and coaches of elite teams, on average we will receive hundreds of emails from goalies around the globe. These emails often include "game film". The reality is that no scout wants to watch hundreds and hundreds of hours of low-quality game film from unknown solicitors spamming their inboxes and the truth is most of these emails go right into the junk folders, never to be considered.


A Top Prospects Profile is created just for you and targetted directly at the teams you wish to market yourself to in a way that attracts them to you.

What's included

Your Top Prospect Profile is created just for you. We take the time to get to know you and your goals and take a holistic and personalized approach to design your profile.



Your Prospect Profile will include an on-ice session with our professional and experienced coaches. Our team will film you while performing drills are designed to showcase every aspect of your skill set in a game-like setting and condensed into a video package included in your site.



Our coaches have seen and experienced both sides of the table. As you build you Top Prospect Profile, we can help provide guidance and clarity around your career and education goals, and provide advice for discovering the best path for you.





what next?

Once your Prospect Profile is ready, you can now share this profile with anyone.


Our team can help you with sending out your profile to scouts and teams in a way that will get their attention as well as assist you to target the right teams and schools that would be the best fit for you.


We will also send out your profile link to our large network of teams.

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