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mentorship program

Take your game to the #NEXTLEVEL with the Top Prospect Mentorship Program. This program was created for highly driven goalies that are seeking more than just the regular on-ice practices. As part of this unique program, goalies will receive season-long development mentored by one of our elite coaches unlike anything else.

Goalies will receive mentorship from one of our elite professional coaches. Gain more insight beyond just the on-ice skills. Your coach is available to you all season long to create the best development program and put you on the path to success. Learn from their experiences, trials and errors, and fast track your development.

It is proven that those who are most successful in their trade, have had mentors to help guide them. Successful mentors have already been where you strive to get to and can help you create an efficient path to achieving your goals. Mentors have already learned from success and failures and walked the path you wish to take.


But not every mentor is the right one. You need a mentor that has been where you want to go. Someone who has experienced the trials, the errors and the successes, and knows what it takes.

What makes the Top Prospect Mentorship Program special is our team of coaches. diversified in experiences, While you will build a relationship with your personal coach, what you really get is an entourage of coaches helping you all season long to achieve your goals, develop you as an athlete, and form a long term relationship that will surely benefit you as an athlete and a person.

Program Levels

Future Prospect

Elite Prospect

Top Prospect

This is an exclusive program and has limited spots. Ask us how you can join the Top Prospects Mentorship Program and take your game to the NEXTLEVEL.

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