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Practice Makes Perfect Right? Wrong.

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

by Coach Dusty

Practice makes perfect, right? Wrong. Practice makes permanent. Practice creates habits.

So what habits are you practicing every day, every practice, every rep?

If you want to improve your game, improve your success, focus on improving your habits.

Those that are successful didn’t get dropped on the top of the mountain. They didn’t start out talented, or skilled. They weren’t born with knowledge of the game, the ability to read plays or superb skating ability.

What some might see as phenoms, naturally skilled athletes, overnight successes, be assured this isn’t the case.

What they did do is incorporate the RIGHT habits, Every. Single. day.

This means the habit of proper nutrition, training (and stretching).The habit of preparing for games AND practices.

Are you pushing hard every rep. Are you tracking every puck or practicing controlling every rebound.

Remember that the habits we practice show up in our game, and in many other ways.

Habits shape who we are, ON AND OFF the ice.

Start by creating the simple habit of committing to improving your game every day.

Think about it - If you created a habit of improving just 1% per day, in 100 days, you would be twice as skilled as you are today. In just 1 year, you could be 3X as good as you are today.

So what’s holding you back from the NEXT LEVEL?

It is not your size, it is not your team, and it is not your coach.


Want to have more success, win more games, save more pucks, get more opportunities?

Start with better habits!

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